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Wayland Baptist
1. As Ted strolls through the city mall, a market researcher stops him and asks him
to list the brands of candy bars that come to his mind in the first 30 seconds. Ted is then
given a few advertising slogans and is asked to match them to their respective candy
bar brands. In this scenario, which of the following is being used by the market
researcher to evaluate specific advertising effectiveness?
Theater test
Opinion test
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Q U E S T I O N 2
1. Marketers who are aware that consistent investment spending is a key factor in
advertising are:
less likely to raid their advertising budgets to increase earnings.
less likely to invest in advertising than discounting.
more likely to cut advertising budgets to fund price promotions.
more likely to view advertising as a discretionary cost.
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Q U E S T I O N 3
1. The per-unit expenditure method of determining advertising budgets is best
exemplified by:
a television manufacturer spending a fixed monetary amount on advertising for
each unit of the product expected to be sold.
a grocer using the availability of current revenues to set the upper limit of the
advertising budget.
the manager of a clothing company estimating the advertising budget on the basis
of research findings.
the manager of an automobile manufacturing company taking a percentage figure
and applying it to either past or future sales.
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Q U E S T I O N 4
1. Kinglinks, a cereal manufacturer, wants to promote its new line of protein bars to
its target customers using a nonpersonal form of communication. Kinglinks is least likely
to rely on ________ as a means of communication.
direct marketing
sales promotion
public relations
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Q U E S T I O N 5
1. Identify a true statement about the per-unit expenditure method of determining
advertising budget.
It attempts to determine the retail price by using production costs as a base.
It sets the advertising budget as a predetermined share of profits or financial
It involves arguing for and presenting the advertising budget on the basis of
research findings.
It bases its advertising budgets on those of competitors or other members of the
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Q U E S T I O N 6
1. Retailers support manufacturers by:
discouraging personal selling.
featuring brands in their ads to attract buyers.
distributing coupons to them.
raising the prices of the manufacturers' products.
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Q U E S T I O N 7
1. The number of different targeted audience members exposed at least once to an