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Lundbeck Korea

April 28, 2021
In 2005, the Vice President of the company- Lundbeck needed to contemplate what should be done
with the most propitious unit of the company, Lundbeck Korea.
Lundbeck is a distinguished and eminent pharmaceutical company for the central nervous system
(CNS) situated in Copenhagen, Denmark. The performance of the Korean Subsidiary has been
unprecedented, proving to be the rising star among all the other subsidiaries. The sole aspiration
of the company was to offer people suffering from a psychiatric disorder or neurological disorder
an element of life.
According to the case analysis, to globalize a company it becomes necessary to discern the needs
and wants of the target places adequately, making it necessary to strategize the plan of action and
management of every individual subsidiary specially.
Jin-ho Jun was the manager of Lundbeck Korea, he had an established network in Korea amongst
the Korean psychiatrist community, making good relations with the men in power. Asif Raja, a
good coach, mentor, clear communicator, and an experienced man was the operational head of
Lundbeck Asia. He was indispensable in managing the regional working of the company
Both Raja and Jun played a vital role in taking the Korean unit to the pinnacle. However, their
mindset and way of operations clashed.
According to the case, to successfully converge upon the path of global integration, Raja kept
Lundbeck’s Korean subsidiaries at pace with the Lundbeck group. He was focused on the global

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