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Local Administration Versus Management Issues

August 31, 2020
Running head: Local Administration Versus Management Issues 1
Local Administration Versus Management Issues
Tracy W. Wilson
Southern Illinois University
This paper explores local government in the Jacksonville, North Carolina area. It will discuss
the differences between public and the private sector in relation to administration or
management. The paper will also seek out examples of agency specific effects primarily military
related from the economy. Thoughts about technology change and how this has affected current
organizational performances within the military. Lastly, the paper will look at performance
changes seen in statistics. The goal of this paper is to engage critical thoughts about local
governments and they way they are running associating local governments versus private sector
The local area of Jacksonville, North Carolina is currently organized to function with
board members and committees. These two groups work together to maintain current laws and
regulations while providing the local mayor future suggested refinements. The city holds public
meetings to allow the general public’s voice to be heard at least monthly. These meetings usually
provide ground truth how Jacksonville’s residents feel about current regulations and planned
changes in government regulations. More often than not, the meetings are utilized to introduce
changes that may affect the local communities. One recent example of dissatisfaction by the
locals was the implementation of COVID-19 mask policy. The city mandated a mask policy for
all businesses but there are several that don’t enforce the regulation. Instead these businesses