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October 8, 2019
Mathew Georges
Brazil is a rapidly developing country with many interesting qualities that might
make foreign direct investment an appealing topic of discussion in the country. First let’s
talk about the governmental structure and laws that should be taken into consideration
while thinking about investing into the markets of Brazil. In the 1980’s Brazil became a
democracy. With that being said, today Brazil is run by a democratic government and
those in rule in Brazil are elected into government by formal elections by the people of
Brazil. The government in Brazil is made up by the executive branch, legislative branch,
and the judicial branch. Each state of Brazil has a elected legislature and assigned
governor. The judicial branch in Brazil holds a lot of power in the government of Brazil
due to the fact that each judge in Brazil serves a lifelong term. Much like in the United
States laws in Brazil must undergo an extensive process in order to become laws. A law
in Brazil starts off as a bill and must be reviewed by at least two commissions, then the
bill must be voted on and approved by both houses in Brazil, after that the president of
Brazil must approve the bill and only until all of that is complete a bill will become a law
in Brail. Needless to say, the governmental system of Brazil is very established and the
country of Brazil is very much governed by law rather then individual government
officials. There are many laws that must be taken not consideration while thinking about

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