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Life Extension

March 12, 2020
Rivera 1
Katelyn Rivera
Professor Shaffer
English 1A
19 May 2019
Pulling the Plug on Life Extension
Life extension, today, seems to be in the mind for those who want to expand their lives
with whatever means possible. There is a great deal of people today that seem to be obsessed
with extending their life. From cell therapy which is where cells are injected, implanted or
grafted into a human body, to nanotechnology which can detect failure of organs or cells in
which the “nanotech” would rapidly fix it. Life extension although pleasing, will not have the
best benefits to mankind and our planet. Expanding one's life is inhuman, it will lead to resource
scarcity, and an accelerated increase on our home planets climate.
Allison Arieff, a journalist for the New York Times gives us an insight on her opinion
piece titled “Life is Short. That’s the Point.” For years, many have been trying to defeat the
process of aging by finding different ways to extend one’s life. In her opinion piece, Arieff states
“Beneath the surface of this quest for eternal life seems to be an unwillingness on the part of its
proponents to imagine the world without themselves in it. In a very fundamental way, this
tendency is inhuman.” Trying to achieve a higher living rate is in many ways, selfish. Like most
things in life, we all have an expiration date. We are meant to be born, live, and die. As humans