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June 6, 2021
Legal Chunks
Discuss the concept of World Order?
World Order relates to the activities and relationships between the world’s nation states, and other
significant non-state actors, that takes place with a legal, political and economic framework. The aim of
these international activities is the promotion of peace and stability in the world. Term coined at end of
the Cold War.
Outline the evolving nature of World Order?
World Order is constantly evolving and must continue to do so as new challenges to resolve conflict and
maintain peace arise challenges include ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, civil war in Sudan.
Evolution of world order is also due to constantly emerging ethics, morality and values held by nation-
states and citizens. World order founded upon through multilateralism and state sovereignty,
interdependence and globalisation. Treaty of Westphalia 1648 ended period of religious war in Europe
and first multilateral cooperation developed nation state protection and established state sovereignty.
Increasing awareness by political leaders in 19th century that the destructive power of new weaponry
combined with introduction of mass conscription and imperial rivalry could lead to war, which increased
importance of multilateral cooperation.
Describe the need for World Order?
International anarchy without order, bodies and laws that govern relations between states. Global
destruction may eventuate due to world conflict. Global issues such as warming may not be adequately
addressed. High level of interdependence resulted from globalisation increases the need for world order.
International conflict usually has a ripple effect e.g. lack of action in Syria caused Muslim rebel group ISIS
to perform crime against humanity against Shiite Muslims. Terrorist attack within country’s borders, mass
atrocities (genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing), etc. have immediate flow-on effect to the rest of the
world. Recognising threat posed by interdependence, states make efforts towards cooperation leading to
international law growing exponentially with higher degree of compliance sign treaties due to mutual
Explain the implications of the nature of conflict on achieving World Order?
Conflict poses destabilising effect and threat to world order where warfare has evolved due to advances in
technology combined with changing approaches to strategies biological weapons trigger global
Interstate conflict refers to conflict between separate countries.
Conventional war: use of large, organised military forces such as Iran/Iraq Wars become more deadly
through technology. Often fight in units with extensive amounts of equipment need for world order

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