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Leaders eat last book review

December 26, 2019
Apparently, these are the four ingredients to much of our happiness (EDSO). Simon Sinek,
talks how these 4 chemicals apply to the corporate world, organizations, and leadership.
Endorphins. Diminishes our perceptions of pain. Keeps us going during work-outs, gives us
a “runner’s high”, and helps us to endure difficulties. Good for those late nights, 70+ hour
weeks, and back-breaking middle seats.
Dopamine. Motivates us to achieve incremental goals. Rewards motivated behavior. Kind of
like the “greed” function of our brain. Makes us feel good when we check things off the “to
do list” or get through project milestones. Highly addictive.
Serotonin. Provides the feeling of significance, pride, status. It drives us to seek the
recognition of others. Want to do it “for my mom, my boss, my wife.” It reinforces the sense
of relationships with the group, allegiance. imon Sinek calls this the Leadership chemical
and what creates a sense of allegiance and organizational cohesion.
Oxytocin. Creates intimacy, trust; feeling that someone will protect you. Moms, babies,
lovers feel this when they are protected and loved. Feeling of safety.
Simon Sinek argues that these chemicals over the long evolutionary arc have wired us to
be driven, organized, relationally-motivated creatures. We succeed because we understand
the benefits of cooperation and teamwork. He argues that we are mentally wired to submit
to organizational hierarchy, and when leaders betray that trust, we get pissed and

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