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November 26, 2020
Running head: ANALYSIS PAPER 1
Analysis Paper
The Murder Case of Steven and Carrie Turner
Carrie Daley Turner, 52, and Steven Gray Turner, 61 from 6 Maere Court in Durham,
according to their property taxes, were found dead at their room at the landmark Resort, at Ocean
Blvd. their son, Alexander Gray Turner, 23, and his girlfriend Chelsi Leila Griffin, 19 both from
Conway were among the four people arrested in connection to the murder. The affidavit of their
son’s arrest showed that Alexander Gray Turner, who had been living in Conway S.C., tried to
extend their parent’s reservation for Room 1208, but his request was denied before leaving the
hotel in the company of another person. After a short while, the bodies of his parents were found
in the room. Alexander Gray Turner was charged with two accounts of murder and the count of
possessing a weapon during a violent crime and held without a bond. He was sentenced to 47
years imprisonment. His girlfriend, Leila Griffin was also charged with murder. The others were
charged with accessory after the fact. This paper discusses issues related to the murder of Carrie
and Steven Turner.
1. What investigative tools and clues did law enforcement used to solve the murder you are
Prior to the determination of the murder case, the law enforcement officers had to gather
information. This information is used to determine if the crime had been committed if it
apprehends and determines the perpetrator and if there can be evidence to support the conviction
of the perpetrator in the court. Luckily, there were plenty of investigative clues available for the
police in solving Carrie and Steven's murder. First and more direct, there was evidence that
alexander turner and his girlfriend Leila griffin were in the hotel moments before Carrie and
Steven were found dead in their room. According to the murder affidavit filed by the Myrtle
Beach Police, Alexander and Griffin have been in the hotel and tried to extend the stay but the
hotel staff denied their requests. In a few minutes, they left the hotel together. They were using a
2015 Kia Optima Car, belonging to Carrie and Steven, Alexander Turner’s parents. Again,
according to the affidavit filed with the murder charges, credit cards belonging to Turner’s

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