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Lady Gaga marketing case analysis

April 18, 2018
Case: Lady Gaga
Team: Brains Я Us
(Maria Gavrilenko, Jiyoung Chang, Danyang Han (Holly), Kun Fan (Peter))
Summary: The purpose of this write-up is to present the analysis of Lady Gaga’s brand building
process during 2008-2009. Based on our analysis, we hope to thoroughly explain our rationale behind
the decision why Lady Gaga should pursue arena tour, rather than scale the tour down to a theatre
tour or cancel the plans altogether.
Part 1. Lady Gaga Brand Building Process
At present, Lady Gaga is known to be one of the largest pop-stars on the planet and a marketing
phenomenon. Back in 2008, she was an emerging star, however, the approach to her as to a show
business brand, opposed to that of to an ordinary performer, was very evident. Delivering a bundled
experience that combined music, message, live visual parade, fashion concept and close emotional
connection with fans, she and her management team conveyed a successful art and commerce project
- the brand of Lady Gaga. Pros and cons of building a Lady Gaga brand at those times included:
Fortunate Resources: From the beginning of Lady Gaga's brand building process, she was
managed by famous producer Vincent Herbert and the manager Troy Carter, both ready to start on a
new point in their career and sharing Lady Gaga’s vision. Therefore, Gaga could freely express her
talent and unconventional style under the team's protection and promotion.
Small-Scale, Group-Specific Approach: Lady Gaga initially performed frequently live shows
catered to minority communities that strongly resonated with her style, which gave her a solid fan
base and grassroots recognition. What Gaga did was using her unconventional style in music and
aesthetics as a comparative advantage to target a segment of customers.
Taking Advantage of Social Media: Her usage of social media, which many other superstars
(Michael Jackson, Madonna, etc.) did not use at their time, gave her an advertising advantage as the
basis for emphasizing her talents and taking advantage of human networks outside singers operation
range. Gaga took on various activities such as mini videos and collaborations with famous bloggers,

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