Jurassic Period

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Jurassic Period
A%er a large ex(nc(on took place at the end of the Triassic Period, a new period started,
which is now commonly known as the Jurassic Period (scienceviews.com). The Jurassic Period
was named a%er the strata found in the Jura Mountains which sit on the border between France
and Switzerland (encyclopedia.com). The Jurassic Period is separated into three subdivisions
known as: Early Jurassic, Middle Jurassic, and Late Jurassic (scienceviews.com). The Jurassic
Period lasted from 199.6 million years ago (Ma) to 145.5 Ma ago which is a total of 54.1 Ma,
preceding the Cretaceous Period (livescience.com).
At the beginning of the Jurassic Period, the con(nent of Pangea continued to break
apart, and the northern half became America and Eurasia. During the middle of the Jurassic
Period, the southern half of Pangea, known as Gondwana, began to break apart as well. The
eastern portion of the con(nent became Antarc(ca, Madagascar, India, and Australia, while the
western half became South America and Africa (na(onalgeographic.com). As the massive
con(nent began to split, oceans started to :ll in the empty spaces, which allowed for mountains
and sea levels to rise, pushing the water higher onto the con(nents. This changed the climate
from hot and dry, to a more humid and subtropical climate (na(onalgeographic.com).
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The Jurassic Period contained dinosaurs that are known to be some of the largest
animals ever to live. Sauropods, also known as the lizard hipped dinosaurs, were herbivorous
quadrupeds that lived during the Jurassic Period. The Brachiosaurus, some of which reached