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Internship Midterm

November 21, 2020
Alexis Haley
Internship 1
Ms. Heckstall
13 October 2020
Internship: Mid-Term Paper
Internship Site: Merle Norman Cosmetics (406 S Griffin St., Elizabeth City, NC)
Duties and Responsibilities: My duties and responsibilities include: Helping customers (when
needed) pick what product is right for them, what eyeshadows match what lipstick color, post
advertisements for social media (new makeup trends, how-to videos), put outfits together to post
on social media for their clothing and accessory line (All That Glitters), help keeping the store
clean (wipe down shelves, re-organization), inventory, clean makeup brushes (when needed),
help with brand image and try to bring in more customers “Diversity”. Overall, Crystal and her
crew has made it clear to me that they lack in advertising basically they need to reach more
customers and they would love if I could help and bring in more loyal, consistent customers.
1. The work that I have done so far at Merle Cosmetics has benefited me in my career path. This
experience has given me more confidence to not give up on my dreams. Before I started this
internship, I was losing hope (Self-doubt) my makeup never came out perfect or the fact that I
can not find my perfect shade. Mrs. Colson said to me that it is okay for it to not come out
perfect nor be your perfect match but if you mix colors or use a powder on top of cream
foundation I promise you, you will get the closest match and once I tried it, it worked.
2. I honestly believe that I am ready to embark my career I just must get rid of the self-doubt and
believe in myself. So much has happened this year, but it has also given me time to take of
myself, learn more about myself ( I tend to do for others before I do for myself), and to grow into
the woman that I am supposed to be. I know now that there will always be some doubt it is
normal, and I am human and I have to overcome that and believe that I am strong and capable to
achieve anything I put my mind to. I must focus and put me first.
3. A theory that has been important in the work that I do is that People are visual and social
creatures. For example, Victoria’s Secret is going through a very tough time now. They have

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