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Inter nation Finance project

May 5, 2019
Brandon Maganza
FINC 364
Project Part 1
March 24, 2019
Part 1.
The Federative Republic of Brazil is the largest country in Latin America which
encompasses 8.5 million square kilometers and has a population of 208 million. The currency
used is the Brazilian Real. Its capital is Brasilia; however, the most popular city is Sao Paulo. The
o4cial language is Portuguese, and it is one of the most diverse and multicultural countries in
the world. Brazil is also home to the Amazon River basin which included a vast tropical forest
making this country of interest to many outside entities when it comes to preserving species
and preventing deforestation.
Brazil is by nominal GDP the eight largest economy and eight in purchasing power,
making it the strongest economy in Latin America. They have held the title of being the world’s
largest producer of co8ee for the past 150 years. Brazil also has within it an estimated amount
of $21.8 trillion in natural resources comprised of precious metals and timber. They mine and
export a large variety of minerals which include large reserves of iron and manganese which
prove string exports and great use for creating raw manufacturing materials. At 67% GDP the
service sector is the largest component of the Brazilian economy followed by the industrial
sector at 27.5%, and lastly followed by agriculture at 5.5%. In addition to this they have the
second largest manufacturing sector in the Americas currently. They are known for producing
automobile, computers, aircra=s, and steel making a strong manufacturing sector for exports in

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