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Industrial-Operational Psychology

October 8, 2019
Industrial -Operational Psychology
I have such a passion for helping to make people with challenges and
troubled minds to lead them to a place of peace in their emotional lie they
find difficult to face alone or even with someone the love or a family
member. Life is and can be enjoyed if that knows that their life is valuable
and has worth they are not here for no reason. We all have purpose in our
lives and they need to find what it is and believe that they can turn any
problem around to bring joy and peace not only to them but all those around
Organizational-Psychology is known as occupational psychology, work and
organizational psychology, classified as an applied discipline associated
within psychology a science of work related behavior that applies to
individuals and the work place. This profession is like a being a scientist
guiding and implementing with training in research and practice.
The scientist practice main focus is to add to the growth of scientific and
clinical field of psychology in America. This profession of organizational
psychology helps to improve employees work habits, training, hiring along
with management systems of operation. The company or individual can
benefit from this professional guidance and leadership to be more productive
and running the everyday tasks of having a successful business. Having
trained and productive employees makes for a year of mass production.
According to the American Psychology Association, (APA) the I/O psychology
is among the 16 highest specialty being recognized in the U.S. Division 14
represented this profession previously and was known as Society for
Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP). U.K. recognizes this
profession as 9th called titles protected practitioner psychologist regulated by
the Health and Care Professions Council and accredited by the British
Psychological Society. Someone with a specialist EuroPsy Certificate is
recognized as a fully qualified in Work and Organizational Psychology W/O,
the Register of European Psychologist field is recognize as one of 3 main
psychology specialization in Europe.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics current Occupational Outlook
Handbook, I/O’s earn salary of $82,760. Actual salary can vary is based on
specialization in the field, location, years in the field and years of experience,
location. However with a PhD degree salary can go as high as $184,300
according to www.allpsychologyschools.com. Job growth is expected by 14%
to 2026. The degree requirements are a Master’s and PHD degree depending

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