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individualism and collectivism

June 7, 2021
I am going to talk about the first cultural dimension ,individualism and collectivism.
In an individualistic culture , people tend to emphasize the l more than WE.
They value more what an individual wants than what the group want.
On the other hand , in a collectistic culture,people tend to value group harmony.
And look at this bar chart,can you guess which one is Taiwan?
It shows that the UK is more individualistic than Taiwan.
In Taiwan , we usually coorperate with other people. Our society fosters strong
relationships, where everyone takes responsibility for our group member.
The British are a highly Individualist and private people. Children are taught from an
early age to think forz themselves and to find out what their unique purpose in life is
and how they uniquely can contribute to society. The route to happiness is through
personal fulfillment.

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