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In Search For Immortality

May 5, 2016
Bruy 1
Mariah Bruy
Professor Treanor
English 1B
November, 25th
In Search For Immortality
Immortality is one of the greatest treasures that humanity
has been seeking for since the beginning of times. Folklore
stories about vampires, gods, heaven, and zombies — all these
are the reflection of people’s concern about what happens after
we die. Is there a chance that there is life after death? If
not, what can we do to make ourselves live forever?
Since the time these questions were asked, people came up
with all kinds of answers. Some dedicate their life to religion,
hoping their souls will be the pass ticket to eternity. Some use
all kinds of medicines, surgeries, magical rituals, and life
guides that promise them to live as long as human body is
capable of. But some people, more creative ones, decided to gain
immortality through creating, or doing something that will make
them live forever through their deeds. Scientists use their
inventions, artists their masterpieces, discoverers their
discoveries. The memories that people keep about other people’s
deeds are the immortality that these ‘creative ones’ were hoping
for. Interesting to notice, sometimes people come up with the
Bruy 2
most amazing and incredible solutions. Such as creating
something that would actually be able to keep their body and
consciousness live forever. Just like vampires, but without any
inconvenient side effects like fear of light or need in blood.
That is what Morel’s Invention, a novel written by Adolfo
Bioy Casares, is basically about. A man, who invented a machine
that can record somebody’s body, transform it into an image and
project it throughout eternity. And that image can be so
detailed, that you could even smell the person that is being
projected. This invention was Morel’s attempt to live forever,
as he believed that not only the body transforms into an image,
but the soul does too. However, the most interesting thing about
this book is not the idea of invention itself, even though this
alone is amusing, but the author, creator of this idea. Would
that be fair to say that by creating this story, Bioy Casares,
just like any other artist, was simply trying to capture
himself, his idea and make this image live forever? Or was he
hinting on people’s obsession with staying immortal instead of
focusing on their lives? Important to remember, Adolfo Bioy
Casares was one of the most incredible talents of 20th century.
So, that would be silly to assume that his intention was

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