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Improving Data Quality

June 7, 2021
Improving data quality
Data is a processed information in form of audio, video and text which can be understood by
humans. It is required in order to make decisions and make sense of the information being
processed. This essay is about a company named Dressing4u which creates and distributes
closet organization system. The company uses five processes that are order entry, sales,
inventory control, delivery and billing. Serious data concerns of the company include missing,
unreliable, redundant, and incomplete data. This essay will discuss how the company can
improve data quality.
Furthermore, a data warehouse is known as an enterprise data warehouse which is a sort of data
management system that is intended to facilitate and assist business intelligence (BI) and
analytics operations. Data warehouses are solely intended to perform queries and analysis and
often contain large amounts of historical data. The data within a data warehouse is usually
derived from a wide range of sources such as application log files and transaction applications
(Oracle, 2021). Data warehouse advances the speed and productivity of getting to various data
indexes and settles on it simpler for decision makers to infer experiences that will control the
business and promotion procedures that differentiates them from their rivals.
Data quality is an essential component in order to make the best business decisions. Companies
are forced to start data quality initiatives as the regulatory requirements are increasing day-by-
day. One way in which data quality can be improved is through data profiling. Data profiling
is the act of analyzing existing data in order to determine how you want it to appear in its
ultimate state. This involves researching into the source data and gaining a thorough grasp of
the content, structure, and cardinalities. That's how we figure out which data quality techniques
to use and which approach to take.
Moreover, data profiling is used to check for minor anomalies in data once the data warehouse
design is completed. When designing a data warehouse, data profiling is considered the initial
steps after collecting business requirements. Data profiling enables to address issues in relation
to discovering data quality issues. For example, invalid value, cultural rule conformity, format
inconsistency are some of the data quality issues that data profiling helps to discover. An
example of invalid value is 1 or 2 but the current value is 3. Format inconsistency is when there

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