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Impact Of Social Media On Developing Minds

November 21, 2020
Argumentative Essay
Impact of Social Media on Developing Minds
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
In the following essay, the effects of social media and technology on the development and
growth of children and teens in particular and on society, in general, are discussed. The author
feels that although technology helps children to gain vast amounts of knowledge and exposes
them to opportunities previously unknown; there are some negative influences that are
accompanied with the positive ones which should not be neglected. Uninhibited introduction of
technology in the lives of children and teens is causing the growth of a warped sense of reality,
social isolation, depression and a hindered individual growth with a growing population that’s
good at finding information on the internet but not knowing what to do with it.
Table of Contents
1. Introduction--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4
2. Literature Review-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4
2.1 Compulsive Internet Use or iDisorder------------------------------------------------------------4
2.2 Mean World Syndrome------------------------------------------------------------------------------4
2.3 Is technology an Obstacle in tapping your true Potential? -----------------------------------5
3. Discussion ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5
4. Conclusion ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6
5. References----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7
Previously unknown in history, today we live in a time where technology has entered every
sphere of our lives and affects how we think, work, socialize and everything in between. We
have a generation that does not remember a time before the advent of the internet,
information not being available at the swipe of the thumb and websites that connect you to
people half-way across the world in an instant. However, without historical hindsight to guide
us, we are just beginning to discover what over-exposure of social media and technology might
be doing to the society we live especially the younger generation. We are dealing with
problems not seen before such as Internet Addition Disorder also commonly referred to as
Compulsive Internet Use (CIU) or iDisorder (Berkowitz, D. 2016), Mean World Syndrome
(Weldon Laura. 2011, January 11), Online Gaming Addiction and many more. The number of
individuals affected by these new world problems is alarming, and we are just realizing the
damage being done to the current generation.
Literature Review
Compulsive Internet Use (CIU) or iDisorder
Over-indulgence in social media and internet changes the ability of the brain to process data. A
study estimates that it affects up to 8.2 % of the general population (Cash, H., Rae, C. D., Steel,
A. H., & Winkler, A. 2012) and the brain makeup of people suffering from it is the same as
people with alcohol and drug addiction. (Gregory, Christina 2018, May 15). Some studies also

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