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Question Your Answer
QC2. Did the name of the Cashier match the Cashier
name that was on the receipt?
• Yes
QC3. Please confirm that you purchased at least
three items.
• Yes, I confirm I purchased at least three items.
How many total items did you purchase? (Please
input a number) - 6
Arrival 1. Which attributes describe the parking lot
during your visit?
• It was free of clutter
• It was clean
• It was in good repair
Arrival 2. What attributes were observed near the
entrance and lobby of the store?
• The lobby was free of debris
• The lobby was clean
• Carts were available (inside and/or outside of the
Meat/Seafood Counter QC. Did you evaluate an
associate at the Meat or Seafood Counter?
• No
Meat/Seafood Counter QCa. Does this department
exist within this store?
• Yes
Meat/Seafood Counter QCb. Please describe the
attempts that you made to evaluate an associate at
the Meat or Seafood counter(s).
There there was an associate behind the counter
cleaning the meat department. He did not
acknowledge me so I continued my shop. My
second time around, there was not an associate
Meat/Seafood Counter Fresh. Did the products in
this department appear fresh?
• Yes
Grocery QC. Did you evaluate an associate in the
Grocery Department (includes Frozen, Center Store,
and Dairy)?
• Yes
Project Information
Date: 12/11/2018
Project Number: 7129220
Address: Safeway
2940 W Valencia Rd
Tucson, AZ 85746
Time In: 7:12 PM
Time Out: 7:52 PM
Payment Information
Project Payments $5.00
Purchase Reimbursement $9.00
Pre-Authorized Distance Pay $0.00
Other $0.00
Total $14.00
Question Your Answer
Grocery 1. Name of associate: • Enter name: - Richard
Grocery 1b. Gender: • Male
Grocery 1c. Hair color: • Dark Brown