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I Believe

November 21, 2020
This I Believe
By: Gabrielle Wiliams
1,000 words. I’m told that my smile is worth more than 1,000 words. Yet I smile and am still
misheard. Still misunderstood in so many ways and yet still I smile. Living in today’s generation the
world is portrayed in a way that suggests not everyone deserves the right to be heard or not
everyone is made to succeed. They doubt me and they tell me “you’re not smart enough”, “you’re
not even that good”, “why do you even try so hard”, “your expectations are too high”, but today all I
get from that is my expectations are not high enough. I get that there is always room for me to
improve, I get that If I do not believe in myself then no one will.
I believe that my voice is worth being heard, I believe that there is so much said in what we do not
say, I believe that EVERYONE deserves a chance to be heard.
Growing up I always struggled to find myself. I knew I wanted to be twice as good as those who had
everything handed to them, I knew I did not want to end up how I was perceived to end up, I knew I
had a drive for success. But what I did not know was who I, Gabrielle was. It felt like searching within

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