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HUB 648 Week 1 Reflective Essay: Medical Treatment with CBD Oil

June 19, 2019
Running Head: HUB 648 Week 1 Reffective Essay 1
HUB 648 Week 1 Reflective Essay: Medical Treatment with CBD Oil
National University
May 12, 2019
HUB 648 Week 1 Reffective Essay 2
Cannabidiol is an organic medicine that is being used to treat many common health
conditions. Also known as CBD oil, this product is increasingly growing more popular within the
health industry. CBD oil is derived from hemp plants making it a more natural remedy that is
being used for illnesses, such as psoriasis in humans and joint pain in dogs. In her research,
Jillian Kubalal, MS. RD, (2017), states, “Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the core psychoactive
cannabinoid found in cannabis, and causes the feeling of getting “high” that’s often associated
with marijuana. However, unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive.” In the following paragraphs, I
will use my knowledge with interpersonal communication skills to detail how the use of CBD oil
has impacted the lives of two of my friend’s.
My first meeting was with my roommate and we met in our living room. He was
diagnosed with psoriasis and has gone through various medications with no positive outcome.
The meeting went really well and I was able to learn more about his situation and why he chose
to try CBD oil.
My second meeting was with a dear friend of mine at a local restaurant we frequent. This
meeting was extremely personal to me as the reason for use of CBD oil in her household was for
her aging dog, who I dog sit for throughout the year. Our meeting was pleasant and I was able to
learn more about how she feels providing this treatment to her dog.
For our meetings, there was a systematic series of actions that lead us to our outcome; the
Process. (Verderber, & Verderber, 2013, pg. 8). It was important that I did not inconvenience the
participants as they were going to be helping me. I first messaged both to set a time and place.
With meeting one, it was clear that our physical context would be taking place in the
living room since we are roommates. This allowed our communication setting to be a relaxed
HUB 648 Week 1 Reffective Essay 3
environment where both parties were able to communicate openly without any added
distractions. During our meeting, I followed a model of the interpersonal communication process
to better understand the order of stages in communicating. (Verderber, & Verderber, 2013, pg.
He uses CBD oil as a topical lotion that is applied to the affected areas as needed.

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