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HRIS Answers
HR activities are classified into three categories:
Transformational activities are those that add value to the organization such as cultural
change and management development. Transactional activities involve the day-to-day
activities such as recordkeeping, employee tracking and payroll processing. Traditional
activities involve planning, recruitment and compensation and performance management.
Human Resource Systems are not strictly computerized
There are three types of queries: select query, action query and cross tab query
E-Human Resource Management (e-HRM)
Provision of HR related services via the internet, usually a company intranet.
Human Resource Information Technology (HRIT)
Any type of information and communication technology used to facilitate human resource
provision (interactive voice response, telephone dialing options, facsimile. Video
conferencing, personal computers, kiosks, intranet/internet, and human resource
Decision Support System (DSS)
Systems designated to facilitate senior management decision making in the long-term and
relate to the overall mission and objectives of an organization and are based on “what if”
Electronic Data Processing (EDP)
Processing of routine information purely at an operational level dedicated to processing
payroll and basic employee data.
Management Information System (MIS)
System aimed at decision making at the middle management level, for instance budgetary
information, time and attendance analysis, ad hoc reports, and projections.
Human Resource Information System (HRIS)
Specialized HR software applications used to collect, store, analyze, and disseminate HR
related information.
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
An enterprise-wide system, which fully integrates all functional areas in a business, for
example finance, production, marketing, and HRM.
Huma Capital reflects all of the following contributions of employees EXCEPT
earned recognition
All of the following are factors which firms should consider when choosing an HRIS except
Structure of the organizational chart
Allyson the HR manager usually logs on to the company HRIS on her mobile phone while
on business trips, what type of HRIS system is she likely to be using
Cloud based
______ is an approach to managing human resources that supports long-term business
goals and outcomes with a strategic framework
The following are advantages of technology as it relates to HR activities EXCEPT
Solves social and managerial issues
Human Resource Management involves the design of formal system of formal systems in
an organization to manage human talent for accomplishing organizational goals.
In a growing number of organizations human resource are not viewed as a source of
competitive advantage but rather as an expense.
Strategic human resource management (strategic HRM, or SHRM) is an approach to
managing human resources that supports long-term business goals and outcomes with a
strategic framework.
Transformational activities involve day-to-day transactions that have to deal mostly with
record keeping.
The primary purpose of the HRIS is to provide service, in the form of accurate and timely
information, to the “clients” of the system.
Data represents facts of transactions that occur on a daily basis. Information is the
interpretation of those facts. Knowledge is when meaning is given to those facts that were
Relational databases are structured to recognize relations between stored items of
information. When working with databases you will find that there is some basic
terminology that you must be familiar with. Entities are things such as employees, jobs,
promotion transactions etc. that can be stored. Tables are then used to store information
about these in organized searchable structure. When you need to ask questions about
data stored you would use Queries.
_______ is a special type of database that is optimized for reporting and analysis.
Data warehouse
An HRIS manager Craig has to make sure that only the right people have access to certain
data. He is therefore looking for the company’s ____
Data security
The main function of DBMS is to do all of the following except
Store unrelated data items
An HR manager findings on the average hours worked and gender of workers over 50 can
be considered to be ____
Laurylin is at her desk searching through the HRIS to find all the female workers who have
2 or more children, who usually sign into work late. What Laurylin is doing is called ___
Data mining
Data analytics correlates business data and people data, establishing a relationship
between HR and business outcomes
Effective data collection, storage and use od data is not essential for any business.
When Larry sits and enters the names, address of staff into the HRIS he must check to see
that the data he entered is correct this is referred to as data integrity
DBMS stands for Database Marketing Systems
Data are produced, stored updated and used by HR managers and employees on a daily
Business Intelligence is a broad category of business applications and technologies for
creating data warehouses and for analyzing and providing access to these specialized
data to help enterprise users make better decisions.
This employee bares the responsibility to ensure that new employees get paid properly
Job seekers interact with HRIS through recruitment sites
_________________ planning for an HRIS examines the "__________________ " of an
organization's HR function, and its information needs in light of its overall business
long-range, "big picture"
A gap analysis is the difference between the current state of the HRIS and the desired
state of the HRIS.
The system development life cycle has the following stages
planning, analysis, design, implementation, maintenance
In the design phase, the "blue-print" for the system is finalized. The detailed specification

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