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How We Responsibly Respond To Covid 19

November 8, 2020
Destiny Horne, Destiny Cook, Heather Richards, Ky’sean Levy, Patricia Davis, and
Tajanique Lewis
Professor Pamela James
Almost everyone around the world has been affected by covid-19/ the
pandemic in some way. Whether or not it has stopped you from working, going to
school, or doing any daily activities that you may normally do. Unless, of course
you live under a rock. Our group will be discussing how schools, hospitals, public
officials, public figures, and churches responsibly respond to covid-19. We will
go over the different steps and precautions each of these subjects takes to make
sure everyone is taking the right steps to end the pandemic. Each subject has
different ways they affect the community’s and people around them and how
many people has a big influence on how people think because of the respect one
might have for them and what they represent. Each paragraph will go into more
detail about how these subjects.
First, we will go over the most common questions people may ask or
wonder about the virus that has affect the whole world. What is covid-19 and
what exactly is a pandemic? How did it spread? Covid-19 also known as
Coronaviruses are a group of related RNA viruses that causes diseases in
mammals and birds. This virus causes respiratory tract infections that can range
from mild to lethal. A pandemic is an epidemic that occurs worldwide and affects
many people. Many people around the world have been affected and many have
died due to the virus. The virus was first identified in Wuhan China. Experts
believe the virus has spread from wet markets around china where somehow bats
were involved. I Know crazy right. Crowded places with different animals
swapping genes and DNA caused the pandemic.
Hospitals responsibly respond to covid-19 by making sure that every
person who enters their building is safe and comfortable while awaiting to be
treated. Everyone must wash their hands, wear a mask, get screened, and have a
temperature under 100 degrees before entering the building to ensure everyone’s
safety. They also make sure that each patient is social distancing and keeping their
mouths and noses covered at all possible times. There is also a certain capacity of
people allowed inside of the waiting rooms at a time. Responders try their hardest