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How To Treat External Hemorrhoids Without Surgery

December 5, 2017
Hemorrhoids are also called piles. In the medical field, it is a condition in which blood vessels in
the anal region swell and become inflamed. Quite literally, piles are a pain in the butt that leads
to an unbearable pain that usually stings and, in some cases, bleeding. Dealing with hemorrhoids
is not only tiresome but also embarrassing.
Medically speaking, hemorrhoids usually do not cause any harm to one’s body, and they clear
out in a matter of day or weeks. However, piles are mostly painful, and if they keep on occurring,
they may affect your way of life. If you are a frequent victim of this painful condition, some
effective home remedies can help you get rid of hemorrhoids.
Below are some methods on how to get rid of external hemorrhoids without surgery that are not
only convenient but also inexpensive.
Use of coconut oil
For decades now, coconut oil has been used for treatment for it is known to have antimicrobial
properties. Nonetheless, coconut oil has also been shown to heal hemorrhoids. It can either be
consumed for internal hemorrhoids or applied topically on the external hemorrhoids to bring
about relief.
Scientifically, coconut oil contains a fatty acid molecule that has a medium chain. This molecule
is one of the healthy saturated fats that helps in reducing inflammation of the intestinal tract and
also aids in digestion as well as reducing the overall straining on the rectum during excretion.
Therefore, including a virgin coconut oil in your day to day diet can really help in preventing the

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