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HM 442 Service Marketing

March 11, 2020
Final Project
HM 442 Service Marketing
Yu Yang
In service marketing class, we have learned four customer gaps which include listening gaps, service
design and standards gaps, service performance gaps and communication gaps. that people experienced in
our industry, and we also studied how to solve these issues and make our customers happy again.
Nowadays, more and more business start to focus on service that they render to customers, especially in
our industry.
TRB Hutong Restaurant
TRB Hutong is a modern French restaurant located inside a historical Temple courtyard, formerly a
television factory and this temple courtyard built in Qing Dynasty, around 600 years ago.
Upon arrival, we were greeted with a warm welcome by the security guard outside of the restaurant
and then we went to the front desk and confirmed our reservation. Since me and my boyfriend went there
for our two-year anniversary, the manager came to us and took us to our table, which is the most popular
window seat in the restaurant. When we got to our seats, I noticed there was a beautiful bouquet on the
table that the manager prepared for us with a card “Happy Anniversary” on it. I was very surprised by
how much they pay attention to their guests and how much they care about their guests. This could be
seen as customer gap one, they knew what did their customers need and expected, moreover, they went

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