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April 18, 2019
Columbian Exchange
Who are the people involved? There was a great amount of people that dealt with the
Columbian Exchange. They were: Christopher Columbus, Francisco Pizarro, Hernán Cortés,
Hernando De Soto, John Winthrop, and René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle.
What? The Columbian Exchange was a culture exchange between the New and Old Worlds.
They exchanged animals, plants, technology, and sadly diseases. This changed the way of living
for everyone.
When? This happened a-er Columbus’ discovery in 1492 and went on through the years of
Where? The exchanged happened from America to Africa, Europe, and Asia.
Why? These two lands were separated and since Columbus discovered the New World and
other people followed his path. The two worlds that have been separated for years, have 4nally
came in contact with each other. That is what caused the Columbian Exchange, the two worlds
collided. This is important because it brought about a new way of living for both worlds. They
exchanged their cultures and started to clash into each other’s style of living.
Bacon’s Rebellion
Who are the people involved? Virginia se7lers, Nathanial Bacon, and William Berkeley.
What? Nathan Bacon gathered a group of people to form a mob, and burn Jamestown and any
Indian se7lement. He did all of this to protest that they didn’t get any protection from the
When? It happened in 1676.
Where? This took place in the Virginia Colony in North America.
Why? This happened because of high taxes, low prices for tobacco, and resentment against
special privileges of the governor. This rebellion happened because of Berkeley’s failure to
defend the fron:er against Na:ve American attack. It created a lot of havoc. This was the first
rebellion in the American Colonies. African Americans and Whites worked together in this, so
we could say that it helped speed up the hard to break racial lines dealing with slavery.
The Great Awakening
Who are the people involved? Jonathan Edwards, George White4eld, and Gilbert Tennent are
just a select few of many others that were a part of this. They were very in?uen:al in this :me
period of the Great Awakening.
What? It dates back to many years of American religious revival in American christian history.
Where? It happened in Britain and its thirteen colonies.
Why? What caused the Great Awakening was the 4gh:ng between religious and political
groups. There was violence everywhere between all kinds of groups. So that definitely played a
big favor. This is the most important religious revival in history. It helped people changed their

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