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Cold War in American History
After the Second World War a confrontation between the Communist coalition countries and
the Western capitalist countries began. The two most powerful states in the world – the USSR
and the USA had to fight for the dominant positions on world’s political and economic
arenas. This confrontation period that took place from 1945 until the 1990 when the Soviet
Union fell apart was called the Cold War period and it played a huge role in further formation
of the United States.
The main reason for the Cold War was the controversial ideological differences between the
two models of society: the socialist one of the USSR and the capitalist one of the United
States of America. Western countries that supported American capitalist ideology were afraid
of the post-war strengthening of the USSR (McKnight, 187). Moreover, the authorities of the
countries-winners realized that after the war, the new resources and territories had to be
divided properly between them (Abraham, 1390). The countries-participants of the war were
totally economically exhausted, although their leaders wanted to embezzle as much power
and territories as they could, so they needed to demonstrate their strength to the competitors
(Siracusa, 3). The only way they could demonstrate their power was through spreading their
ideology on as much of the territories they could have. Thus the leaders of this race were the
two superpowers – the USA and the USSR, who started the passive-aggressive Cold War.
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There are a few core stages of the Cold War, which are marked by some significant events of
the period.
The Cold War began in the spring of 1946 due to the Soviet’s refusal to withdraw their