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Abbas Alkhafaji
Professor Maryann Nguyen
English 1302
March 11,2018
Prison Reforms
Most of us cannot imagine the world without the prison system. It has become
one of the most fundamental parts of our society. According to Kristofferson, in
numerous parts of the world, the prison system is not taken seriously (168). It is
surprising that some people are even advocating for its abolition. However, it needs to
stop as prisons are a permanent and inevitable aspect of individual’s social lives.
Impressively, every right-minded person can see the benefits of prisons. One of the
concepts that prison abolitionist are missing is how hard it will be to have social order
without depending on threatening people to be locked up away from society in case they
commit a crime. It is true that prison system has some negative impacts but the positives
advantages are more than the negatives. What these people need to put into consideration
are reforms to be made in prison systems. Notably, this is because to some extent the
prison system no longer perform their function of reforming an individual. The present
system of prison needs to undergo reform by taking into consideration alternatives for
Comparison of the U.S prison systems with Netherlands and Germany
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It is essential to compare the U.S prison system with other countries to gain
insight on what reforms are needed. Regarding organization, the prison system in the
Netherlands is relatively simple because it singularly falls under one jurisdiction. The
National Agency of Correctional Institutions governs the federal prison systems. One
prison governor heads the agency. The country operates on three level of prison security
based on closed prisons, Semi-open and open. For instance, closed prisons are known as
the maximum security levels prison. On the other-other Open prisons functions on
minimal security. Conversely, the prison system of Germany is comparatively similar to
that of the U.S. The State Justice ministries within the German sixteen states function
concertedly but independent (Pfaff 953). Same, to the U.S the operation of the prison
system is on the state level. Nonetheless, federal prisons system does not exist, unlike the
The German system of prison mainly consists of two security level, unlike the
U.S and Netherlands. They only have Open and Closed. Open prisons have minimal
security and less perceptible fortifications in their exterior. Closed jails have high walls
with heavily armed guards because they harbor violent offenders. Another similarity
between the German Prison system and the U.S is that they house juveniles and women