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November 26, 2020
Mason Bills
Carrots and Sticks
At half my age one “carrot” would be getting money for doing chores, because
everybody wants money. Another “carrot” would be getting to go to the arcade for getting good
grades, because when I was little going to the arcade was my favorite thing to do. Also, another
“carrot” would be getting ice cream if I ate all my food off my plate at dinner, because when I
was a kid ice cream was my favorite dessert. When I was half my age a “stick” would be getting
grounded from video games for disobeying my parents, because in my spare time I mostly
played video games so I took video games serious. Another “stick” would be not getting to hang
out with my friends for not doing my homework, because I loved to hang out with my friends
and play video games with them. Also, another “stick” would be not being allowed to watch tv
for getting bad grades, because my parents made me take school very serious.
At my current age a “carrot” for me would be receiving extra credit for doing a really
good job on an assignment, because this means the teacher recognized how good I did. Another
“carrot” would be getting a bonus for doing good at my job, because this means the company or
manager recognized how good I’m doing. Also, another “carrot” would be receiving a tip at my

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