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Haidilao Hotpot Franchise Human Resource Management

July 8, 2020
Nedved Goh Ze Xian
Human Resources Management
1.0 Introduction
Haidilao Hotpot is a chain of restaurants that came into being in 1994. The brand was found by
Zhang Yong in Jianyang, Sichuan province in China (Huddleston, 2018). With over 2 decades of
development, Haidilao Company turned into a prominent international catering enterprise.
Currently, this brand has over 768 chain restaurants spread across different regions, including
Singapore, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, the United States of America, Australia, Canada,
and Japan with more than 100,000 workers providing services to over 54 million members
(Haidilao, 2019). Formed as a private enterprise, Haidilao Hotpot launched its initial public
offering in 2018 in Hong Kong to source about US$700 million for further development (Zhu &
Lau, 2018). It has won several certifications and awards, including ‘advanced enterprise’, ‘famous
hot pot’, and ‘consumer satisfaction unit’ (Chiu, 2018).
The brand has had to withstand the challenges of consumers and market over the time. It
has also fruitfully forged a quality hot pot trademark which has created a name for the company.
The company combines types of features of hot pot in several locations in China. Important to
note, Haidilao Company, as an extensive network of catering businesses operating across the
globe, obeys integrity in business (Haidilao, 2019). The brand accords high precedence to
constantly enhancing the safety and quality of its food items, offering more considerate services
to its consumers while supplying safer, healthier and nutritious food, and improving the safety and
stability of food quality.
Haidilao Hot Pot provides several special customised services to its consumers, such as
hand care and free nail art for female top consumers while they line up for various services. Also,
consumers can have free photo printing and free leather shoe cleaning services as they wait for
other services in the company. As well, this world-renowned brand provides playing ground and
special personnel for children (Chiu, 2018; Li, 2018). The brand offers consumers different fruits,
snacks, and games at their seats to improve customer satisfaction. Its mission is to provide healthy
hot pot philosophy as well as fashion happy hot pot time across the globe through innovative
services and selected products. The brand’s vision its commitment to improving social networking
at the table through communication which is key to establishing trust.
2.0 Job Analysis
Job analysis, in this case, identifies highly qualified job applicants with the highest prospective to

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