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Greek Orthodox Church: Is It Christianity?

March 3, 2018
Marissa Vasquez
What is Catholicism?
Professor Andrei Antokhin
13 December 2016
Greek Orthodox Church: Is It Chris'anity?
Chris'anity is a monotheis'c religion that focuses on teaching about the life of Jesus
Christ. Chris'anity is one of the largest religions around the world. Chris'anity can be broken
down into 4 di.erent churches: Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, and Restora'onist. Every
religion is di.erent in their own ways. I am familiar with the tradition of Roman Catholicism
and I feel that the tradition of Greek Orthodox are similar. Although these four churches have
di.erent names they all worship the same thing, Jesus Christ. christian belief in the religion
relies on the belief of Jesus’ death and resurrec'on, Salva'on, the Holy Trinity, the Scriptures,
and the A8erlife. The churches di.er in how they interpret the Bible. The Roman Catholic
church and the Orthodox church were one until the Great Schism in 1054, which separated the
church into two. The Great Schism happened over disputes of papal authority. The pope felt he
had authority over the four eastern patriarchs and vice versa. The Roman Catholic church broke
away from the original church and has since then added new teachings.
The orthodox church was founded on the Day of Holy Pentecost in 33AD in Jerusalem.
The Day of Holy Pentecost was ;8y days a8er the Holy Resurrec'on of Jesus Christ. The
apostles established churches throughout the Middle East as they were told to do so by the
Holy Spirit. St Paul founded churches in the west in countries like Asia Minor, Greece, and Rome.
In 323, Emperor Constan'ne I declared Chris'anity the o<cial religion of Rome. The church was
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made up of ;ve self-governing dioceses which were An'och, Jerusalem, Alexandria,
Constan'nople (formerly Byzan'um), and Rome. These dioceses were all equal until the Great
Schism which separated Rome from the rest because they felt they had more power over the
others. The other four Dioceses became the Eastern Orthodox church. The first Greek Orthodox
Church arrived in 1768 forty miles south of St. Augus'ne, Florida. The first Greek Orthodox
church, Holy Trinity Church, was built in 1864 in New Orleans. Thirty years later, there were
more churches formed in New York and Chicago. Today there are over 400 Greek Orthodox
churches established throughout the United States and around two million members.
The Orthodox follows two Sources of authority: the Holy Scripture and Holy tradition.
The new and Old Testament make up the writing of the Holy Scripture. According to
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