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Global Warming

May 5, 2016
Trinity Value Community College
Global Warming:
The Climate Change That May Change the World
Bruce Hill, Josh Simmons, Dani Waymire
Biology 1407
Sheree Daniels
December 2, 2014
In today’s society, one of the most vigorously debated topics is the subject of Global
Warming and its effect on not only our planet but our lives. Many speculate as to if the
subject is really true regardless of the everyday facts and information scientist such as
oceanographers present us with. The Greenhouse Effect, Sea Levels Rising and Drastic
Climate change are all prime examples that Global Warming is in fact a real problem.
Not only is this a problem in politics at the moment, it is a problem for generations to
come. Maybe the effects of Global Warming are not immediate to some, but they will
become more severe as time goes on.
Let’s begin with a brief understanding of what Global Warming is. Global Warming
can be defined many ways, one being the advancement of the Greenhouse Effect. The
Greenhouse Effect is actually a natural process that helps to regulate the temperature
of our planet. Without this effect the earth’s temperature would probably be around 0
degrees F. Not only is this essential for human life, but life on earth all together.
This natural process is the result of heat being absorbed by particular gases in our
atmosphere. Some of this heat becomes trapped by gases in our lower atmosphere and
is re-distributed back towards the surface. Water Vapor being the most abundant gas,
tailed by Carbon Dioxide as well as other trace gases. With all this information we know
the Greenhouse Effect is certainly real, but are humans speeding up the process? The
answer cannot be certain, but the emission readings of gases through fossil fuel
combustion and deforestation can be a strong factor in determining the truth. These
things led up to the drastic climate change we have seen over the past few decades.
The broad definition of climate change is any significant variation in temperature,
wind, precipitation or other types of weather that lasts for decades or possibly longer.
There is some evidence suggesting that the world’s climate is becoming warmer,
increasing the potential for extreme weather events around the globe. Drastically
stronger tropical cyclones, prolonged and more frequent intense heat waves, greater
extent of severe droughts, as well as heavier and more frequent precipitation events.
Sea levels increasing leading to flooding and additional air pollution are some more of

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