Gender roles in The Yellow Wall paper

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Gender Roles In Charlotte Perkins Gilman's “The Yellow Wallpaper”
This paper examines the gender roles in the Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Gilman Perkins.
Charlotte is a writer, women right’s activists, a wife, and a mother; thus, she sets a classic
example of a woman in modern society. The author reflects women in a patriarchal society from
the position dominated by men. The story was written in the 18th century and is about women
facing psychological problems. The story reflects the American society in the 19th century
reflecting the physical and mental wellness on a female in the society. She lived in an era when
women did not have a voice in society, and their lives did not go beyond their homes. The
position of women hindered them from exploiting their talents and creativity because they were
only required to be submissive to their husbands. Women got stuck in marriage although Gilman
felt there was a need for women to move away from the family bondage. They needed to exploit
their talents and see life beyond family life. She felt there was a need for women to exploit other
opportunities and establish a relationship with the external world (Stetson 646). The author
married in her twenties, and after she gave birth to a baby girl, she developed health
complication or postpartum depression. Her doctor and her husband prescribed her rest as the
cure for her condition. However, her condition improves later after she ignores the doctor’s
advice to take rest and not do anything and she starts writing her journals. The author shows men
suppressed and underestimated women in the 19th century and as a result, women had limited
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opportunities to exploit their talents and engage social, political and economic activities. The
gender roles are shown in the activities and power of male and female characters in society and
how each gender react to the roles the society defines for them.
The Yellow Wallpaper is narration contains the narration of the author based on her experience.
The author uses various literary devices to portray the image of women in society. The author
uses symbolism to portray the role of women in society. For instance, the use of house
symbolizes security and place of women in society (Schörkhuber 6). The house accommodates
woman, her thoughts and her writing. The window of the house and her being in the house