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Futuring And Innovation

September 4, 2017
Hector Cruz Platon
Colorado Technical University
Futuring and Innovation — CS875
Unit 1 - Discussion Board 3
July 14, 2017
Futuring and Innovation (CS875-1703C-01)
The TED Talks, Guy Hoffman, pioneered “Robots with Soul” from his Ph.D. dissertation
robotics lab class held at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Guy discusses the future of
innovation through machine learning together with the intricacies of “emotionality” as an aspect
of human interaction and communication link between the machine and its user, the human.
Guy argues that robots need to learn to communicate with kindness to his users. While he was
working with his Ph.D., he was working on human-robot teamwork, teams of humans and robots
working together. He was studying the engineering, the psychology, the philosophy of
teamwork, and at the same time, he found himself in his own kind of teamwork situation, with a
good friend of his, now his startup partner. “And in that situation, we can easily imagine
robots in the near future being there with us. It was after a Passover Seder. We were folding up a
lot of folding chairs, and I was amazed at how quickly we found our own rhythm. Everybody did
their own part, we didn't have to divide our tasks. We didn't have to communicate verbally about
this -- it all just happened.” That became his inspiration to Robots with Soul, that every machine
in the future should have values, right ethical judgment, and can bestow kindness to all of its
Guy exclaims that the next Robot will have cognitive functions that will be called “embodied

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