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Cynthia Diaz
Professor LARROCA
26 June 2020
Personal Injury in a Car Accident Case
The people who live in Florida must be careful when is time to go work, school, or shopping.
There are many persons in the state that don’t respect the transit laws and they get involved in a lot of
car accidents. Being a respectful driver is always a good way to avoid an accident. In the last years the
amount of accident in this state have increased. Is important to know what to do in the State of Florida
if someone involved in a car accident gets injured, how their insurance company will cover them, and
how the adverse insurance will respond.
One smart decision will be to hire an attorney when somebody is facing the consequences of a
Commented [SL1]: This title doesn’t indicate to the
reader that this is a persuasive essay. It would be a good
title for an informative essay.
Commented [SL2]: With regard to what?
Commented [SL3]: Use “who” to refer to people.
Commented [SL4]: This should be plural, and “have”
should be singular (has) since the subject (amount) is
Commented [SL5]: Start with a subject: It is…
Commented [SL6]: Would a reasonable person disagree
with this statement? Would anyone argue that it’s not
important to do know these things? If not, then there is
nothing to persuade the reader about.
Commented [SL7]: This point is not included in the thesis.
Note that all the main points discussed in the body
paragraphs should be stated in the thesis.
Commented [SL8]: Revise the sentence so that it says
who should hire an attorney.

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