Find out all the reasons why Apple’s partnerships are critical to the success of Apple Pay

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- Apple is the middleman because Apple is the middleman between the Apple Pay service
and Apple customers, and I believe Apple Pay is the middleman. Apple Pay has
developed a new sales platform to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of consumer
purchases. "A link in a supply chain that links a producer or other intermediate product
with the final consumer," the book said. In this scenario, Apple is the manufacturer,
Apple Pay is the broker (or middleman), and the customer is the Apple Pay user.
- Find out all the reasons why Apple's partnerships are critical to the success of Apple Pay.
The reason why Apple is critical to the success of Apple Pay is that Apple has more than
800 million cards registered in iTunes, which creates a certain amount of trust in the
society that uses Apple to know that there is no problem using Apple Pay. After all, many
users support them. Also, with Apple's security methods on iCloud accounts, Apple ID,
fingerprints, and Face ID, it's nearly impossible for people to clone cards or any kind of
fraud. Finally, if there is a problem with the transaction or the mobile device is lost, the
account will be cancelled and the transaction will be cancelled so that no fake operation
is made.

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