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Experiment 262: Chemical Reactions

August 4, 2019
General Chemistry Laboratory
Experiment 262: Chemical Reactions
At the heart of chemistry are chemical reactions. Chemical reactions begin with one set of
materials and end up with different materials. The purpose of the experiment is to observe
precipitation and neutralization reaction while using the data to identify metal ions in an
unknown sample.
Place about one milliliter (20 drops) of each solution into a test tube. Mix using a
vortexer very well for each compounds
Test compounds Barium nitrate, 0.1 M with ammonium chloride, 3M
Test compound Calcium nitrate, 0.1 M with sodium carbonate, 1M
Iron (III) nitrate, 0.1 M with sodium hydroxide, 3M
Silver nitrate, 0.1 M test with sulfuric acid, 3M
Record observations into a table
If precipitate is formed, use a centrifuge to separate from the supernatant. Then observe
the appearance of the solid
Record the color and texture of the precipitate into observations
If precipitate occurs, test the precipitate into observations
If precipitates occurs, test the precipitate reaction ad describe in a paragraph
For a test if precipitate occurs and forms, centrifuge the reaction mixture and decant the
Add one militer of 3M nitric acid (HNO3) to the precipitate. Mix with the vortexer and
record observations
Within the unknown, test 1 ml portions of the unknown solution with ammonium
chloride, sodium carbonate, sodium hydroxide and sulfic acid then record observations
Data & Observations
The unknown I had in my experiment was unknown #5. The metal ions that were definitely
present in my unknown were Barium nitrate, Silver nitrate and Calcium nitrate. The compound
that I found to be in my unknown was Barium nitrate. In my experiment with Barium nitrate, the

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