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Persuasive speech about Euthanasia

November 9, 2014
Persuasive speech about Euthanasia
By Sarah Fuzzell
University of Central Oklahoma
Watching a loved one suffer is a horrifying and heart-breaking thing to watch, yet with
modern day medicine, the terminally ill by no choice but of their own could choose to end their
suffering early. Euthanasia sounds like a bit of an intimidating and scary word but it actually
means “Good death”, another phrase for it is doctor-assisted suicide. Doctor-assisted suicide
might also sound like a frightening thing, however, it is not something taken lightly. A depressed
person cannot choose Euthanasia, someone cannot without an intense medical need for
euthanasia be able to use this option. Euthanasia is only used in cases where a person is
determined to be terminally ill and will have to suffer for many months through the pain of a
disease that will be the death of them. The question I ask is: Is it anyone else’s right to tell
someone they must suffer through their debilitating terminal illness? I understand that you may
personally never take the option of the euthanasia no matter the circumstance, however, that is
your own personal choice that you should have the right to make. No one should be forced to
suffer through the horrific pains of terminal cancer because your own personal beliefs conflict
with theirs. They should be able to make their decision based on their system of beliefs. Today I
am going to persuade you to reconsider your beliefs on Euthanasia and potentially take a stand to
change the legality of the Euthanasia in the United States. I will inform you about the decision
making process of Euthanasia, I will tell you about a lady named Cody Curtis, and why it should
be legal throughout the United States.
In Oregon, Euthanasia is currently legal. That is the first state in the United States
to legalize Euthanasia. A lot of people against Euthanasia argue of abuse and what kind of
protocol will be used and so on. It was legalized in 1998 and from 1998-2001 only two
people utilized Euthanasia. Thankfully, Euthanasia is not something commonly needed,
but on the rare occasions that is becomes an option, it is such an important option for the
patient to be able to consider. To be able to qualify, according to a BBC.co.uk article,
-patient must: patient must be resident in Oregon
patient must be aged over 18
patient must make 2 oral and 1 written request for euthanasia

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