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Ethics Questions

March 11, 2020
1.) There are many ethical issues about which people hold very strong opinionsabortion, gun
control, and the death penalty, to name a few. If you were a team member on a project with
someone whom you knew held an opinion different from yours on one of these issues, would it
affect your ability to work effectively with this person? Why or why not?
I would definitely say yes, it can affect your ability to work because you were in the same
organization or in one team so it means universally affected. Since there is only one employee
that is not do well of his or her work, the company is affected.
No, because every creator has there own opinions and we have to respect their opinion and as
a co member I cannot judge the opinion of the others because each of us has a different
2.) Identify two important life experiences that helped you define your own personal code of
First in Facebook, I’m aware to say bad word and bully in the messages, comments that
can will offend, can hearted and can make trouble through the use of Facebook and also other
email sites. The second, I’m not using the application of the others without the permission of
owner. These two is my example of ethical behavior that I do usually in the real life.
The two important life experiences that helped me first is