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Q1: In your opinion, how was Covid-19 affected the environment in terms of climate
change or air pollution?
With the serious outbreak of Covid-19, most of the countries, including Malaysia had imposed
the Movement Control Order (MCO) to restrict the movement of the people to prevent the spread
of the coronavirus (Ashley 2020). MCO had certainly lower down the volume of the traffic on
road and it reduces the emission of the nitrogen dioxide to the air and thus increases the air
quality (Adeline 2020). Unquestionably, the huge number of vehicles on the road is a huge
contributor to dangerous air pollution. Apart from the reduction of the transportation on road,
MCO had also reduced the operating activities of certain factories and it would decrease the
release of the harmful and toxic substances such as carbon dioxide to the air.
The tremendous decrease of the volume of the economic activities and the transportation caused
by MCO had pushed down the carbon emission to the certain extent. The reduction of carbon
emission had lower down the pollution level from different aspects, making the effect of slowing

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