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EN2150 Week 3 Assignment

December 10, 2019
EN2150: Week 3 Assignment
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How can I effectively compose routine,positive, negative, and persuasive business
This assignment helps you apply your knowledge from this week’s modules
and readings.
Healthcare employees are expected to be effective communicators with
written and spoken communication. In order to send a variety of messages to
others, in a way that is understandable and well-received, you must follow the
three-step writing process.
Brief Business Messages
Answer the following questions.
1. According to your textbook, when is an email message appropriate for communicating?
E-mail is appropriate for short, informal messages that request information and respond to inquiries.
It is also good to send an email when it is for multiple receivers and needed to be archived. Another
time that emails are appropriate when sending longer attachments.
2. List two purposes of good email subject lines?
a. You want to avoid meaningless statements
b. It can summarize the purpose of the message clearly and make the reader want to open.
3. List the four reasons when an inter-office memorandum would be more appropriate than sending an
Require a permanent record
Demand formality
Are too long for email
Inform employees who may not have work e-mail.
4. Business letters are more confidential than messages sent through electronic media.
5. What is the best advice for using instant messaging or texting on the job?
(Select only one)
Use jargon, slang, or abbreviations freely to save time.
Feel free to use instant messaging or texts to send sensitive information.
Learn about your organization's messaging policies
Make yourself available at all times.
Writing Routine and Positive Messages
Answer the following questions.
6. Identify the 3 channels through which typical positive and neutral messages travel in the
digital era.
a. Emails
b. memos
c. Letters
7. Write a positive business message to the following scenario:
You are working at a hospital, and the lobby is getting new furniture and a new layout next month to

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