Elements of art

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The elements that I have picked for these painting are COLOUR and SHAPES.
COLOUR. Yellow-green is the most eye-catching colour in the painting representing a vast land
accompanied with blue depicting the different waters. Also seen is the white and blue colour in
the upper part of the painting manifesting the skies. In the bottom right, we can spot a
yellowish-white colour bringing the land. All the colours seen in the painting are muted that is
they can be seen in low intensity of illumination.
SHAPE. As to the shape of the objects in the painting, they are organic looking and soft.
Regarding on its recognition of the objects, it is hard to identify the trees or rivers individually in
the painting, unless if we look at it as a whole then we can discern that these painting shows a
picture of a vast land with different bodies of water and plants.
EMPHASIS. For this painting, the artist obviously made the middle part stand out. It contrasts
with the upper and lower parts of the painting. By the distinction of the yellow-green colour, it
looks more eye-catching to the viewers.
BALANCE. Visual weight in the paintings is located in the middle, i.e. it is in the yellow-green
which can be seen as visually heavier than the other parts of the painting.
I really appreciated the painting because primarily I cannot make something like this and I have
never made a painting like this one. I also like the painting with how the artist enable to create a vast
land without a clear picture if the centre of the painting showcases grasses or trees. I as well is
interested to know what are the materials used in the creation of the painting. Do all paintings including
this one needs multitude of painting tools. Moreover, I would like to know how much it costs and how
much would you receive such as money when creating paintings. Indeed, this activity is a great

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