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Effects Of Technology

April 28, 2021
Sutton 1
Ishiah Sutton
Professor Burford
ENG 111
Assignment #2, Final Draft
3 November 2020
The Use of Smart Devices Among Children/adolescents: An Addiction, or a Beneficial Device?
Is the development of technology and smart devices causing an influence of addiction in
children and adolescents? Technology has evolved in numerous ways tracing back to the 21st century,
which has raised concerns about children who now have greater access to technology. Today, points of
debate include whether technology, specifically smart devices such as tablets, computers, and
smartphones, are harmful factors in children’s cognitive, physical, and mental development, or whether
there are positive factors that lead to beneficial qualities in children due to the use of smart devices. In
the report titled “Transitions in Smartphone Addiction Proneness Among Children: The Effect of Gender
and Use Patterns, the authors, Jeng-Tung Chiang et al, mention “the usage of smartphones has become
a part of children’s everyday life, and children spend a substantial amount of time on social media using
mobile devices” (1). To clearly define a term, smartphone addiction is the excessive use of mobile
devices which, as the authors state, is characterized by “compulsive behavior, withdrawal, tolerance,
and functional impairment” (Chiang et al 2). Some proponents argue that the usage of smartphones in
children can, in fact, have beneficial factors and can influence children in different aspects. Those in
opposition to the usage of smartphones in children claim that the use of mobile devices can have
negative influences on children’s language skills and cognitive function. As technology continues to
advance, more children are engaging in usage of technology that may be beneficial in certain areas but
Sutton 2
possibly catastrophic in others. The most important point of debate surrounding smartphone addiction
in children is the harmful effects of excessive use and the possible detrimental outcomes that usage
could have on children’s well-being, as well as the possible solutions to avoid or solve the problems
associated with smartphone addiction in children. While there may be some positive benefits to the use
of smart devices in children, I believe the excessive use of smart devices has many more negative effects
on children and adolescents because, the overuse of such devices can cause addiction, social issues, and
health implications.
Addiction, and Health Implications vs. Beneficial Aspects
The access and use of smart devices and technology are considered a new norm in children and

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