Eating Disorders in the Military

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RUNNING HEAD: Eating Disorders in the Military 1
Elizabeth Pryzgoda
Eating Disorders in the Military
ADRS 4329
Texas Tech University
Eating Disorders in the Military
Eating disorders affect everyone across race, gender, athletic ability and sexual orientation. One
group that’s missing when discussing eating disorders is military members. Over the last five
years, I’ve been enlisted in the United States Army and am currently overseas on a deployment.
Through extensive research and my experience in the military, I’ve come to the conclusion that
military creates a perfect environment to cause eating disorders but is ill-equipped to treat them.
In this paper, I will describe how the military creates an environment that is ideal for the
development of eating disorders, why this topic is interesting to me, how this topic applies to this
course, what needs to be understood for future research, what treatment I think would work well,
and how I can bring more awareness to eating disorders in the military.
Historically, the military has been known to have ongoing behavioral health problems with
service members. The environment service members work in is high pressure, and can often be

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