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March 11, 2020
In this case, three men are shot two of which end up dying and all because of the color of their
skin and the religion that they were. The same man shot all three of these people and is only tried for
the murder of the man that he tried to rob and then killed. In my opinion, the law should have
sentenced this man to life in prison or sentenced him with the death penalty just for shooting someone
with intention. It is wrong for the law to convict someone to life but then allow parole after forty years
no matter the circumstances. This man shot three innocent people just because of their skin color and
to the law that should mean life in prison. Racism in America has shot up in the last couple of years
because of instances like these and when someone is only tried for the shooting of one person when in
reality he shot three and they were all Muslim, a red flag is raised. A flag almost warning you that an
uproar is going to occur because in their eyes if someone of their religion would have done it they would
have been delt much differently with harsher punishments. Justice is served to this man in the case but
it is unjust as to how severe his punishment is. The prosecutors should have prosecuted him for all

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