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Question 1.Relevance of devolution in Kenya in ensuring effectiveness in service delivery
1.Health care services have been improved. Most counties have expanded their health care services
and this has reduced child mortality rates and has increased access to specialized treatment due to
use of recent machines. For example, Nakuru county has expanded their health facilities by the
construction of 600 million state of the art outpatient facility within Nakuru level 5 hospital which
will help to decongest the level 5 hospital hence better services.
2.Prudent financial management. With the challenge of inadequate finances and delayed release of
funds, counties have started to develop a mechanism to increase locally generated revenues which
ensures more funds for development and other social programs. In Nairobi county,there has been
introduction of parking fees in certain areas which raises the country’s revenue.
3. Encourages political accountability and citizen participation in the political process .The
government is near to the community hence the community can participate in decision making
process especially on matters that directly affect them. The public can hold the politicians
accountable. Recently the Kiambu governor was impeached for misappropriation of public funds.
4. Experimentation and innovation in locally produced goods and services. Devolution enhances the
chances that new solutions to problems will be sought. This leads to creation of employment for the
innovators and SMEs. Counties such as Laikipia organize innovation and entrepreneurship fairs.
5. Tailoring outputs to local tastes. The devolved government's greater proximity to the people
makes it more responsive to citizens' preference than the central government. In a community,
preference is same and hence it’s easier to give people what they want.
6. Fostering inter-government competition.

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