do not blame technology

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Nguyen 1
Tuyen Nguyen
ENGL 1121-34 College Reading and Writing
Samantha J. Ten Eyck
Don’t Blame Technology, It’s Uus.
To be living in a modern world with advance technology seemsed to be perfect, but for
me many problems comeing from advantages of technology. I have seen many friends of mine
stay focused and tapped on their phone’s screen for an entire day without moving. Moreover, I
have felt that I was abandoned one when I try to hang out with my friends. It might be like
most of the people in the US, especially when the US has the most advanced technology
base in the world[Tea16]. The common story nowadays is that you invite your friends to a party,
and you are surrounded by people tapping their smartphone without stopping. I was born in a
developing country in Southeast Asia, Viet Nam to be exact, but it does not affect to the way
people use tech devices. While many people do not have anything to eat, I was luckily born in a
family in the middle class. Because of this fortune I had chances to interact with computers and
cell phone when I was in high school. To be honest, I’m not even bothered by those technology
stuff because I’m a guy who is trying to finish an IT degree, but people who using technology as
a shield to this world are annoying. When I was young I used to play outside till dawn or being
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called back to home, but nowadays thatose kinds of stuff seems to be “unrealistic”. I might sound
like an old ladyman who hates
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this new world but just like one of those people who try to wake other people from relying
on electronic devices.
Many deaths caused by lack of awareness relate to tech addict have been recorded. There
are many people killed because they are too focused on their smartphones or tablets while
driving or walking. According to The National Safety Council, there were 180 fatal crashes from
2009 to 2011 where evidence indicated drivers were using cell phones[Cra16]. Why do people
do that even though they know it is dangerous? Maybe it because tech devices are too important
to us. We might miss an important call, text messages, but it might be a much expensive price
that you might have to pay; a life maybe? Don’t blame technology, it us who need to
acknowledge our problem.
Sstop texting, tweeting, suffing, l look around and what do you see. Are you happy with