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August 16, 2020
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MAN 105 - Introduction to Management
Assignment 2: Diversity Essay
In the recent years as well as in the current era, one of the biggest issue people facing
today is the word diversity. It is very essential for an organisation to have an employee
from diverse background in a reason that it is a strong foundation to increase the
creativity in doing task by sharing their talent, skills and experiences to achieve
company’s goal and objectives, which is to minimise expenses and maximise the profit.
Diversity defines as an illustration of an employees’ differences in one organisation
particularly in terms of age, attitude, capability, culture, gender and physical attributes
(Schermerhorn et al. 2014). In this essay the writer discusses the different main issues
that occurs in an organisation, gender diversity issues, how management approaches
those kinds of issue to show fairness in workforce and site a company example that
shows diversity information.
To begin with, one of the main concerns in a workplace is the equality between men
and women. Over the years, most large and small companies do not have an equal
proportion in number of male employees and women. In one organisation numbers of
diversity issue are always existing like for example; gender diversity, ethnic issue,
communication among employees, respect to the staff and religion concern. With
regards to the world of fashion industry, research shows that with ethnicity male and
female models who are from white races reach up to 90%, while regarding with the
age only 1% classified as old (Freitas et al. 2018). They mentioned that there are
numbers of magazine companies do not accept older models. Furthermore, due to the
high competition in market some company in Australia prefer to choose gender and
ethnically diverse employees to deal in a competitive world of market to increase sales
and maintain the good reputation of their company. In addition, research shows that
company who have female board of members achieved more profit from their
investments compared to the companies, which is manage by male directors (Azmat
& Rentschler 2017). These two authors discussed that ethnic and gender diversity
gives essential role to the company because they have a quality to get the trust of their
stockholders to survive and sustain the organisation. Shareholders are important