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He who sheds human blood
by humans his blood shall be shed,” (p.165, line.43-44)
The above verse serves as a reminder of God for those who live
under his control. By using the method of reversing, the
author emphasizes the law of cause and effect that people pay
the price if they make mistakes. God will force them to take
the consequences, endure the same pain they do to others. God
takes sin seriously. But God always has a remnant. This is an
important Truth that is told all throughout the Old Testament.
God will find those who are righteous. God will use righteous
people to work his plan. No exceptions, no preferences, all
are treated fairly. According to the Western concept, God
creates man, gives life and controls the operation of space
and time. Therefore, God has the right to punish anyone who
violates his orders.
“As for you, be fruitful and multiply,
swarm through the earth, and hold sway over it.” (p.166,
The verse serves as a word of encouragement from God to
encourage people to develop their race after he destroyed
almost all life on Earth. Planting flowers and bearing fruit
are everyday tasks, metaphor for natural development, and
recreating ecosystems destroyed after the great flood. Human
beings are bred, born and raised to contribute to the
development of life. Life raised from the ground showed a
glimmer of hope for the Earth's bright future, both in time
and in time.
The thing to remember is that flood stories like these were

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