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Diagnostic Essay

November 18, 2020
Jhaila Redor
Professor Bruce
Composition II
23 August 2020
Diagnostic Essay
Everyone knows that life is short. Everyone also knows that they will eventually die one
day. No matter how long a person wants to live in this world, death is inevitable. Therefore, if
someone discovered a formula that will make everyone immortal, it would be a curse. What
would happen on earth if everyone is able to live forever? What will happen to those who are not
able to live forever? Is everyone will be happy if they live forever?
Although immortality may seem like good thing for other people, immortality has more
disadvantages than what people could think of. The world will be overpopulated if everyone will
be living forever. There would be no place and there would also be no other resources available
for the future generation(s). Since everyone is able to live forever, they will be feeling the same
over and over. If a person gets a disease that has no treatment, they would have it forever.
Scientifically, a corpse (dead body) helps the environment by “decomposition” according to
forensic archeologists. Bacteria, fungi, parasite and other non-living things have many
advantages for the ecosystem.
Besides of the world being overpopulated and the possibility of economical corruption if

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