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johnson & wales
According to the national
center of education in
2016 more senior
students graduated with
A’s but yet the
standardizes test scores
have dropped.
Between the years
2010-2016 Standardized
test scores have dropped
across the board.
In 2010 reading scores
were an average of 507,
in 2016 the had dropped
to 490.
In the math section of the
SATs in 2010 scores were
averaged at 520 and
decreased to 511 by
2016. And in the writing
section of the SATs scores
in 2010 were 497 but by
the year 2016 the writing
scores had dropped to
484. Why have scores
Again, the national center
of education believes the
scores have dropped
because students now are
becoming more hands on
learners. Teachers in high
schools and colleges are
making curriculum and
learning more active
instead of just handing
them a book and
assignments and saying
learn this material you will
be tested later. The
teachers now engage with
the students and help
make learning more fun
and interesting. This also
can help the students
obtain the information
easier and longer.
Standardize testing does
not show the true
capability of students.
According to the late
education researcher
Gerald W. Bracy “The SATs
cannot measure the
creativity, critical thinking,
motivation, responsibility
and enthusiasm along
with many other everyday
life factors students will
need to function and live
in society, from raising a
family to succeeding in
their career.
Excusive test taking may
teach students to be good
at taking tests, but it does
not help prepare them for
productive adult lives.
Standardized testing does